In simultaneous to the release of their new album “Nihil” (about) on June 9th, Hermidgets (about) unveiled a captivating video for their latest single “We Tend to Disappear.” The song, like the entire album, presents itself as an anthem to nihilism, not as a rejection of values, but rather as an opportunity.

In “We Tend to Disappear,” Hermidgets masterfully blends their distinctive style of dark and melancholic synth-pop with profound introspection. The song pays homage to the ability to navigate the complexities of existence, embracing the absurdity of life and our finitude, while maintaining a sense of profound wisdom.

The accompanying video is a celebration of video art, where Hermidgets captivates viewers through plays of light, shadow, and close-ups. Adding further depth to the nihilistic yet consoling message is the serene yet intense face of a young girl, who serves as an alter ego, allowing the artist to convey their message while maintaining anonymity.

In creating both the track and the album, Hermidgets opted for a more essential approach, using a pair of analog synthesizers, a stable pattern of drum samples, and their own voice. The limitation of resources served as a stimulus for the creative process, despite the infinite possibilities offered by electronic music.

Both the song and the album are entirely written and performed by Hermidgets, who also oversees the production of their videos, embracing the DIY ethos in their artistic endeavors.

The release of “We Tend to Disappear” and the upcoming album “Nihil” reaffirms Hermidgets’ position as forerunner of innovative and eerie synth-pop. Stay tuned for the full album release on June 9th.

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