About Hermidgets

I am a seasoned musician with extensive experience both on stage and in the studio. Music is my passion, and my expertise encompasses songwriting, arrangement, performance, vocal work, aesthetics, and videography. My musical journey is guided by a broad and eclectic taste, yet I find myself drawn to melancholic melodies that resonate deeply with my creative spirit.

Specializing in synth-pop, I craft sophisticated tracks that explore the boundaries of sound, blending unsettling and distorted tones to create unique sonic landscapes. While my personal passions and tastes are evident in my compositions, I always strive to break away from clich├ęs, seeking different road.

I value anonymity, believing that the essence of creation should stand on its own merit, independent of the creator. My approach to art is free from personalism; for me, the focus remains firmly on the art itself, allowing listeners to connect with the music without preconceived notions.

I have already released an album titled “The Mire” under the name Hermidgets in 2020, and I am excited to announce the upcoming release of my second album, “NIHIL,” scheduled for June 9th.

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