Hermidgets – Meaninglessness

On April 14th, the mysterious Hermidgets (about) unveils “Meaninglessness,” a dark and distorted synth-pop single that bridges the gap between the past and the contemporary. The track delves into the depths of existential inquiry and the transient nature of human life, offering a captivating journey through a hypnotic and eerie atmosphere.

“Meaninglessness” serves as both a lament and solace, delivering a melancholic yet comforting vocal performance that guides listeners through the abyss of existential contemplation. The song invites introspection, urging individuals to confront life’s fundamental uncertainties and find peace in accepting their own insignificance.

Accompanying the single is a video directed and edited personally by Hermidgets maintaining the artist’s tradition of anonymity seen in previous works. This new visual interpretation adds an additional layer of depth to the already intense experience of the track, with Hermidgets image blending eerily with the grotesque trees that surround him.

“Meaninglessness” acts as a teaser for Hermidgets’s upcoming album, “NIHIL,” set for release on June 2nd. The album is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp at this link [Bandcamp], offering listeners the chance to fully immerse themselves in Hermidgets’s sonic and conceptual universe.

The single “Meaninglessness” is mixed by Matteo Sandri, renowned for his work with Sananda Matreya, and mastered by Kevin Paul, who has collaborated with iconic artists such as Bowie, Depeche Mode, and Goldfrapp.

Watch the video for “Meaninglessness” below:

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