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Hermidgets is the music project of an anonymous musician with a long live and studio experience.

“Perks” is the second single from Hermidgets’s forthcoming new record, the follow-up to 2020’s album, The Mire.

Hermidgets’s music is always cloacked with melancholy, but Perks is faster and more aggressive than the previous songs.
The influence of the ’80 is always clear but this time the attitude has become much heavier.

“For this song I wanted my synths to sound like a black metal guitar, so I layered some tracks and put them under destructive distortion”

Hermidgets has recently involved some musicians with the idea of rearranging some of his songs for future performances.
“I thought it would be nice to capture some images and make a video of them, so I edited the footage to disguise my appearances and persevere this anonymity game”

The song is mixed by Matteo Sand who works with Sananda Matreya and mastered by Kevin Paul who works with Bowie, Depeche, Goldfrapp.

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Perks (out on December 17, 2021) youtube private


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