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Hermidgets announces his forthcoming album out this autumn, with a strange, melancholic, danceable video for “A Flaw”.

“As soon as my debut is ready I quickly started writing new music, and it flowed in a spontaneous and naturally way. In a short time I wrote some new songs, melancholic as ever but characterized by uptempo and meager arrangements”.

A Flaw is indicative of this new necessity. The rhythm is sustained by bass drum, snare and a claustrophobic breathe, just a few lines of analog synth sustain the melodic line.

The video is an error, a wrong composition of a frantic dance for a disinterested spectator.
Like in the others video the author appears in a no distinctive way.
I protect myself from overexposure, this is another way to be in my video without truly being there.

“A Flaw” is the first single from Hermidgets’s forthcoming new record, the followup to 2020’s Album, The Mire. The song is mixed by Matteo Sand who works with Sananda Matreya and mastered by Kevin Paul who works with Bowie, Depeche, Goldfrapp.

Download/buy the track here.

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